Tips for Sorority Recruitment

Sororities are either a positive experience, where college freshmen can make friends, or a living nightmare for those who don’t seem to fit in. Everyone loves to hate sorority girls because there are so many stereotypes that surround them and yes, some of them are true. To join a sorority, you must undergo a recruitment process and impress members that hold leadership positions aka “the sisters”. During Rush Week, potential new members meet and greet each of the different sororities and see where they would fit in. Some make it and others don’t. In a way, Rush Week is like speed dating for sororities. Greek life is supposedly a lifetime commitment and the connections you make in a sorority are supposed to last forever. It is human nature to want to belong to a group and identify with like-minded people.

100+ Speed Dating Questions to Get to Know Someone

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In the past two weeks, I’ve recently moved in my sorority house and have experienced spirit During recruitment, Open House is basically like speed dating. A sis mom is basically your temporarily big until big/little reveal!

Riding high on that confidence boost, I tackled something that was even further outside of my comfort zone: I rushed a sorority. Before I got to college, I had never even considered participating in Greek Life. Based on the stereotypes I absorbed from film, TV, and various news articles, I decided I was not someone who belonged in a sorority. And I was highly suspicious of a selection process that seemed to be based more on appearances and social connections than finding people who shared the same set of values.

But, this semester I rushed, and after accepting a bid from my top choice sorority, I am now a brand new member of Greek Life. Pretty quick turnaround, huh? This all came about through some friends I met. According to my new pals, the process was eye-opening and would crush the stereotypes I had in my mind. And… they were right!

What Exactly Happens During Sorority Recruitment At The University Of Illinois Urbana Champaign

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(A bid is like a formal way for a sorority to invite you to join their A month or so after this, we had big/little speed dating, where all the sisters.

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People join Greek Life for many reasons. For me, growing up in Pennsylvania and then choosing to go to the University of Maine was already a huge step for me to begin with. In high school, I never felt like I was welcomed and often found myself feeling alone and excluded from a lot of things. I struggled a lot with family tragedy and mental health issues with a very critical support system. I wanted more from my college experience. I wanted, I needed the next few years in Maine to shape me into a strong, confident, and well-rounded woman.

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Check out these sorority sugar ice breakers and team building games to bring y​ Many chapters have big/little speed dating sessions and bonding events.

Hey guys! I do have a little sister, but I never had a Big sister to help me out with school and boys, etc. On the first day, I came into my room with streamers hung all around my room. Everything was purple since that is the main color in my room which surprises me because purple is not my favorite color, but it is the most seen color in my room. On the second day, my room is Wizard of Oz themed, and there is only one person in the sorority who I know would have an abundant amount of Wizard of Oz items for my room.

The bed was covered in yellow plastic this time to represent the yellow brick road. Today was the last day my room was decorated. There were a ton of balloons sitting on my bed and my roommate was kind enough to pop all of them for me once I left for class because I hate popping balloons. Thanks for sticking with me guys! I hope everyone has been having a fantastic week so far. This week has been pretty stressful for me. The Little will receive various gifts for a couple of days until a final big reveal where every new member finds out who her Big is since it is a secret.

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Originally published on TheMiamiStudent. The names in this story have been changed to protect the identities of the four individuals. Emma, Kelly, Claire and Brooke clutched their white recruitment shirts. The girls, friends from the same dorm hallway, felt overwhelmed, more stressed than they had before the kick-off ceremony.

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Posted By Jennifer Clogg on Apr 10, 0 comments. First-year Jennifer Clogg discusses her experience in the sorority recruitment process. My mother has talked about the incredible family of sisterhood that comes from rushing a sorority since before I can remember. Connections, fun sorority pride; I have waited patiently for my turn to begin rushing a sorority.

Finally, my turn is almost here. About a month ago, I signed up to rush. Many hopeful girls packed into the lecture-style classroom, chattering excitedly and anxiously awaiting the start of the initial discussion of what would be expected in going through the sorority rush process. I sat with three friends from my hall, two of whom I did not know were interested in rushing.

I did not know about the rest of the girls there, but I felt pretty serious about pre-rush. Where I come from, sororities are kind of a big deal.

Big Little Reveal Week